Sunday, March 13, 2016

Arrived safely in Rolling Prairie, Indiana

Wow! What a wonderful day it has been!
Started the morning off with mass at St. Clement of Rome Catholic Church in St. Louis, Mo. The Pastor of the church announced to the congregation that our group was from Texas on our way to SHAS and that he would be praying for a safe trip and also for our boys to listen and discern to see of Our Lord is calling them to become a student at SHAS.  How kind of him!
After mass Mr. Daly and the Knights of Columbus cooked breakfast for us! Eggs, sausage, pancakes, OJ, coffee, for free! What generosity!
After breakfast, we packed up and went to do some sight seeing in St. Louis.
1st stop was the Gateway arch. It we amazing! I know the boys loved it because a lot of them took selfies and were making silly poses like pretending to hold the arch with 1 finger from afar.  We also had the opportunity to visit the old St. Louis courthouse museum. The kids were amazed with the inside of the building since it had a dome in the center with multiple paintings in the high ceiling. A lot of the boys bought souvenirs. The most popular souvenir was a telescope to see the paintings on the high ceiling.
We then headed towards Illinois and ate lunch at a public park. The kids were able to stretch their legs and hang out for an hour before the last driving stretch to Indiana.
We drove through some heavy rain and were able to maneuver nicely through the heavy traffic.  Once we arrived,  we were all so excited to finally reach our destination: SHAS in Rolling Prairie, Indiana!
We greeted the entire staff and SHAS had already dinner waiting for us. Thank you!
After dinner, we knew the boys were pretty ancy since we had been driving for 2 days now.
Fr. Daren gathered everyone together and decided to have an indoor soccer game inside the SHAS gym!
We were able to invite some of the SHAS students to play with us and formed 4 teams. Oh my goodness! The games were so intense! The boys definitely needed to let off some of their energy and it showed in the soccer games!  Everyone played hard and did not want to lose (that's my kind of game). After the game, Fr. Darren took the boys to visit a beautiful painting of the Virgin Mary inside  the schools grounds and prayed a decade of the Rosary. The boys then showered and it was lights out after that.
Good night.

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